Who we are

Gas Station Errand Manager

Rashadeh Willy

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been going to gas stations. But now I get to do it and get the gas for race cars! vroom vroom!

BMW Guru

Frank DaTank

I love Ferrari’s and Tanks. I actually own one of each. The tank is fun, but the Ferrari goes zoooooom! That’s why I have a passion for the auto industry. zooms.

Auto Leasing Guru


I’m an authentic person with sincere value. I treasure the beauty of auto mechanics and hope I can one day start a Non-Profit Mercedes and Bently racing organization.

The Horsepower Technician

Gurgao Muntavi

Yo, for real though my car is faster than yours. If you want to race, let’s do it. But I’ll warn you, my car is faster than yours and goes peeewwww.

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