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Wait no more, Beamer addicts.

If you are a speed connoisseur and an exotic enthusiast, we have the freshest release of performance parts on everyone’s favorite German Marque– BMW.

The exclusive 2018 BMW M5 was spotted racing through German’s speed limitless Nürburgring, but the true pleasure was being able to hear the roaring twin-turbos take off earlier this week. Their engine design will ensure that whoever takes a seat in this banging whip will conquer highways across the globe. Check for the best BMW lease deals south Florida has to offer if you want to drive this beautiful vehicle.

The absolute cherry on top, BMW confirmed, is that the latest generation model is invigorated by a 600 horsepower rendition of its twin-turbo V8, the catch– the rear wheels of this eye-candy wonder is what powers this threshold.

The German marque produced what the people crazed by prioritizing the “Ultimate Driving Machine” perception, the feature lacking in the last generation, back into the sleek M5. Exotic cars are for exotic people; this bad boy is limitless and sets the tone for authority in the streets.

Everyone wants to uncover the German’s secrets behind the 2018 M5’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 powerhouse generating more than 600 horsepower and the latest, trend-setter 8-speed automatic approach to shifting functionality.

BMW was not afraid to bust the myth, stating that the traditional manual gearbox is a no-go. Furthermore, BMW recently pronounced on record, in comparison to the previous M5 including a seven-speed dual clutch, to say the DCT is on its way out.

Thanks to standard all-wheel drive, in just 3.6 seconds, the latest Beamer model can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour. The 2018 M5 model entails the remarkable xDrive Sports mode; with the push of a button, this hot rod can switch to 100 percent rear-wheel driving experience on the fly.

Drivers can now retain the practicality of a draw-dropping sports sedan, but they can also fuel their adrenaline at the flip of a switch– at the driver’s discretion. Aside from creating addictive speed in this 2018 package: for an even more enhanced driving experience, BMW included a carbon fiber roof, a more dynamic rear diffuser, and a trunk lid spoiler to promote performance.

The top-notch German Marque established its brand loyal clientele because its business breathes integrity; they consistently provide what people crave. Luxury, speed, and overall– a highly-dynamic driving fascination that revolutionizes the automotive industry.

The real showcase of this sleek sedan will be at the Frankfurt Motor Show this upcoming September.


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